Chatter4u, a division of Level Extreme, provides a high end social networking threaded environment platform for the social community, by offering a variety of forums to exchange and discuss on a series of topics, in a very professional way, completed with interesting options such as filtering, notifications, archiving and searching.

A great lineup of forums are available such as Politics, Food & Culinary, Sports, Vehicles, Travel, Linguistic, Health, Movies, Fitness, Music, Home Improvement, TV & Series, Family, Animals, Magazines, Shopping, Books, Arts, Dance, Science & Medecine and much more. Each forum is built within a series of related custom categories to post your messages into. The engine is highly structured and content is well classified.

The product, created in the beginning of the ‘90s, has been a pioneer of the Internet, considered by many to be one of the longest running Web sites on the planet as well as the precursor of social networking. Offering multilingual interfaces for many years, the product has conquered the community in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Dutch languages. Presented in user groups, companies and conferences in Canada as well as in the United States over the years, the product has attracted enthusiasts who rapidly recognized the power and the flexibility of the product. The product has always kept a vision to offer something professional with lots of flexibility so it would stand out from the crowd.

The product won best Web site at the Developer's Choice Award in VFP DevCon 2000 Connections in New Orleans.